We are Rob & Deanna.  We started this journey in 2016 after searching for two years trying to find someone to manufacture our products, but something always seemed to fall through.  My wife and I are both believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and take our faith very seriously.  One morning she came out of a prayer and told me the reason I couldn’t find anyone to make these products is because I was supposed to do it.  She has always been my greatest support system.   

These products would not be available to you or the public, if it weren’t for God and my wife.  We make our own products, in our own facility, so we can guarantee the quality we expect ourselves.  Rob developed Samson33 for Men, sold and used in barber shops, and designed for a man's specific needs.  Deanna developed Purple Posey for Women to help them maintain natural, beautiful skin and hair.  We brought these two product lines together for Jubilee Life!    

Our Brands


I started my business by making Christmas gifts for the ladies at my church and then when COVID 19 hit, I had a lady reach out to me asking for my sugar body scrub I made her.  I wanted to provide a product for everyone to use that is safe on the body and hair.  Naturally inspired hair and body care products for women, infused with nutrient-rich formulated ingredients to help maintain your skin and hair's natural state.   – Deanna



We make it easy for men to look & feel great, everyday!  With products designed for your specific needs, your hair and beard will love you.  Our Beard Balm and Beard Oils are made with all natural ingredients.  We have eight different scents to choose from and more coming soon.  I purchase local walnut from a gentleman here and make all of our Beard Combs from scratch, laser engraved with our Samson33 logo, to carry with you wherever you go.   – Rob